News From Fort Schuyler

May 9, 2003 - Volume 7, No. 17

OLD FRIENDS, REUNITED -The semi-annual gathering of Fort Schuyler retirees on 6 May at City Island's Lobster Box restaurant attracted 14 retirees , along with the very fully employed Chairman of the Engineering Department, DICK BURKE, Class of 1972, and departmental colleague, JOHN MATHIESON, Class of1959. Besides all the usual suspects, there were two newly minted retirees: AARON KRAMER, Class of 1954, and ED RONE - both from Engineering. There was also a former member of the Engineering Department who departed Schuyler - in 1961 - for a career at Webb Institute, TOM BOND. Long time, no see Tommy.

PEP TALK - Many alumni still follow the fortunes of Fort Schuyler varsity teams. For example, JAMES PERDUTO, Class of 1991, e-mailed lacrosse coach, KELLY CURTIN, after a close game. He copied his note to NFFS, writing that he "..thought it may be good for the folks who played sports while at Maritime to read."

Here is what he wrote in a note entitled, Very Proud: "I was at the Maritime/Kings Point lacrosse game this year and was extremely proud to watch your guys play very good, hard lacrosse, even when the score was not in their favor. It was a tough game. KP defense was very strong and the referees must have been KP alumni, but your guys really played hard right through the end. Maritime controlled the ball in the 3rd quarter for over 8 minutes on offense. That is the kind of patience that will win games. Whatever happened at that moment, bottle it, and open it for every remaining game this season. They looked great! Unfortunately we just couldn't take advantage of the opportunity. Maritime played and lost like winners, and should be very proud of themselves. That is what collegiate sports is all about. Winning is just the icing on the cake, learning how to win and lose graciously is what makes a man a great man. Please pass on my highest regards to all your great men, and let them know that we are watching and most certainly cheering for them, on and off the field."

TAKE THAT TOUR - The Torchlight Tours of Fort Schuyler have already attracted over 700 customers, not bad for five days. Our walking tour, its route lit by numerous kerosene lanterns, was 90 minutes long and very impressive. The presentation, attended by the NFFS editor, was made by a uniformed Civil War era guide, aka Cadet WILLIAM R. KING, Class of 2005. He has done his research folks, documenting the life and times of Fort Schuyler as a military installation, with special emphasis on the Civil War years. He knows his stuff, having researched life at the fort by using original documents deposited at the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the New York Historical Society. The Torchlight Tours will resume again in the Fall - don't miss going on one - you will enjoy it.

ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER - "It was interesting to me in reading about the 'resurrection' of the school Porthole newspaper, " writes OTTO LIEPIN, Class of October 1946. "I am not sure as to when the paper started, but in 1945 '46, one of my classmates, DON WHITE was editor of the school paper at that time, 'The Bosun's Pipe,' which may have continued to exist in the years after '46."

"In my most recent letters to the class of Oct. '46, I had this to say about Don: 'Don White, our venerable 'snoop' the editor, writes to tell me about his activities in and around the Mohawk Valley of central New York. He is the president of the Erie Canal School Boat Foundation, along with being the "chief" engineer of their school, which is a 45-foot former Coast Guard buoy tender. The 'school' traverses the Erie barge canal between Little Falls, NY and Syracuse and during these travels, over 4000 kids, the past 2 years, have received history and environmental studies'. Now isn't this a great way for a NYSMA grad to spend his time in retirement? If there are any school grads living in the Mohawk Valley area of NY who might have an interest in helping with the above, please contact Don at 576 Dover Road / Barneveld, NY 13304 /or call him 315-896-2198."

CRUISE TO SOMEWHERE - NFFS expects to post the final Summer Sea Term 2003 itinerary next issue. Meanwhile, graduation takes place on Mother's Day this year - 11 May - an event which is sure to put a smile on many a motherly face, even if their card is late. Congratulations to all the new alumni.

NEVER AT A LOSS FOR WORDS - According to The Maritime Watch section of the college website, "The New York State Council for the Humanities has selected....Professor JULIE WOSK, Ph.D., to participate in its statewide 'Speakers in the Humanities' program. The topic Dr. Wosk will present is Bicycles, Autos, and Airplanes in Art. The presentation will include a colorful array of slides that illustrate the ways artists have depicted the impact of bicycles, automobiles and airplanes on people's lives. In addition, Dr. Wosk comments on the comic and sometimes tragic aspects of these vehicles, celebrating the joys of travel and highlighting the dramatic social changes they have fostered." For complete details and contact information go to [Just the ticket for your group's next meeting.]

22 MAY MARITIME DAY - Washington Chapter president, JOHN HANNON, Class of 1977, sent DC-area alumni a reminder of "...the annual Maritime Day Luncheon hosted by the Propeller Club at the Washington Navy Yard which is immediately followed by a wreath laying ceremony hosted by the Military Sealift Command to honor those lost at sea. This is not a NY Maritime Alumni Association sponsored event, but it is widely attended by local maritime academy grads from all the schools and also by those in the industry associated with the Navy and Merchant Marine." Luncheon check-in commences at 11:45. For information or to RSVP for the luncheon (by 19 May) contact Sherry McKinney at "The memorial ceremony hosted by MSC will follow the luncheon and is only a short walk away at the Navy yard (it is held outdoors, weather permitting.)" MSC's press release about the 2002 Maritime Day ceremony may be found at: