What Is DomeNet?

DomeNet, the NY Maritime College alumni discussion list is an open forum that allows graduates and students attending SUNY Maritime College to hold online discussions via e-mail. Its purpose is to give people a way to network with fellow alumni for personal and professional reasons such as:
  1. Finding job openings
  2. Identifying business opportunities
  3. Sharing knowledge and information
  4. Tracking down old classmates
  5. Discussing issues related to the college and/or the marine industry
  6. Requesting/offering help with business-related problems
  7. Building relationships with fellow alumni


How It Works

Any list member can post questions, responses, etc. to the list by sending an email to Any message sent to this email address will, after being approved by a moderator, be sent out to all the other members of the list. In this way, questions, answers and information can be rapidly disseminated to everyone on the list and non-real time discussions can be held.

List Etiquette

The success of this list depends on the willingness of its members to particpate and share in a responsible manner. Here are some guidelines for good list behavior.

  1. Think and edit before you post. Remember that hundreds of people are going to read what you send!
  2. Put something meaningful in the subject line. Posts with blank or misleading subject lines will be rejected.
  3. When responding to a post, use the subject line from the post you are responding to.
  4. Be Brief. We are all busy so try to stay on topic.
  5. No attachments. The list software can't handle them.
  6. Careful with the profanity. We are all professionals so try not to make an @!~* out of yourself.
  7. No blatant self-promotion. Its Ok to let people know what you do but let's not turn this into an advertising vehicle.
  8. Sign your posts. Putting your business affiliation and other contact information at the end of your post is also a good idea.
  9. No personal attacks.
  10. Contribute. Some lurking is Ok but don't be afraid to join the discussion when you feel you have something to offer.


How Do I Join?

Enter your name, graduating class (e.g. 1976) and email address below. Then click Join.
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How Do I Post?

There are two ways to post to the list:
1. Click here:

Fill in the subject line, say what needs saying and send the email. It's that simple.

2. Or you can click this link and post by filling out a web form:
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Note that you must be subscribed to the list before you can post messages to it.


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