Misson And Purpose

The mission and purpose of The Domer Network is simple: We are a community site that facilitates social and business networking between our members.

While we attended college, we were a tight-knit group. It was easy to stay in touch then because we all lived in the same place and saw each other almost every day. But after graduation, most of us dispersed with careers, family and circumstances dictating where we wound up geographically. Where we once were able to walk across the hall or the passageway of a ship to hang out, it has now become a bit more of an effort to get together.

The Internet has of course made it easier for geographically dispersed people with busy schedules to interact and network socially and as a part of doing business. The Domer Network is designed give our unique community the tools to do just that. Think of it as the Facebook or LinkedIn for maritime college graduates.

We may not be Harvard or Yale but in a lot of ways, we may be a much tighter knit group. Our graduates have always helped each other out. Feel free to use this site to do just that. Remember, our strength is in our network.