News From Fort Schuyler

April 11, 2003 - Volume 7, No. 13

POLITICIAN ON THE RISE - Running on a ticket of "reasoned and logical" municipal growth with citizen input, adherence to land use plans, and a control on taxes, political neophyte, TOM DARCY, Class of 1979, has been elected to the City Council of Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Elections were held on 01April for this city of 35,000, located near Madison. Articles in the Wisconsin State Journal report that Tom, whose previous public service included volunteer work in scouting and youth soccer, "...moved to Fitchburg a year ago after retiring from the Navy." The Journal noted that Tom graduated with a baccalaureate from New York Maritime College and a master's degree in public administration from Drake University. ( )

WARD LINE AT SCHUYLER - The Maritime Industry Museum at Fort Schuyler will celebrate the opening of its Ward Line Exhibit with a reception and silent auction from 4:00 - 7:00 on Saturday 3 May. The keynote address, "In the wake of MORRO CASTLE, Impact on Today's Industry," will be given by CAPT JEFFREY W. MONROE, Director of the Port of Portland, Maine, founding director of the Maritime Industry Museum, and a former member of our Marine Transportation faculty. A major sponsor of this event is the Honorable James J. Moore, a former member of the museum board, whose father was a Chief Engineer with the Ward Line during the 1930's. For further information on this event go to

POWER LUNCHEON - The Washington DC Chapter of the Alumni Association luncheon takes place at the Dubliner Restaurant on F Street, Wednesday 30 April. There are four menu choices and the tab, including drinks and tip, is $20. A real bargain. RSVP with menu choice by COB 28 April. Full details at the alumni website -

JOB OPPORTUNITY - While you enjoy lunch at the Dubliner, check with RICK HILLENBRAND, Class of 1978, who wants to expand the number of Fort Schuyler graduates on Booz Allen Hamilton's Maritime Logistics Team. He writes that the Team " becoming extremely bloated with Kings Point alum. My group (~3 dozen people) is a mixture of backgrounds; retired military, maritime colleges (KP-5, Mass-1, & Dome-1), but KP is stuffing the organization through their alumni association. This just isn't right. Hence, if you personally know of a qualified individual that might be interested in working in our group, please send me a resume (preferred) or bring a hard copy to the luncheon." (You can email those resumes of qualified Fort Schuyler graduates to Rick at )

SEE A REAL CADET ROOM! - No, it's not a dormitory webcam, but an article in the college website's Maritime Watch section entitled, "Expansions and Renovations Continue at SUNY Maritime," features a color photo of a well-equipped cadet room. Alumni may find it illuminating to compare with their old dorm room. Click on "News and Security Bulletins" at

HELPING HANDS - Alumni and friends of Fort Schuyler can insure the success of this year's edition of the college yearbook, Eight Bells - with bucks. According to yearbook advisor, ANN MARIE BARRY, Class of 1994, and Deck License Instructor, "The staff is doing an excellent job putting together a great book for the Class of 2003. It would be a shame if we had to cut back the book due to lack of funds. We have not gotten financial support from the school because we do not want to take that money away from other clubs. Publishing the yearbook costs $19,000/year." So send a check payable to SUNY Maritime College ("Eight Bells" in memo) You can also order a book or place an ad. For more information contact

JE NE REGRETTE RIEN - Weighing in on the discussion of mug life of yesteryear, LEONARD J. WEISS, Class of October 1946, writes: "I arrived at NYSMA (that is what we called it then) in 1944. I graduated in Oct. 46. When I entered the academy I was all of 17 years old. World War II was raging and I had no idea that it would end before I graduated. During my 17years on this earth I was pretty much of a spoiled, pampered 'kid.' Discipline was something I was not familiar with. I have no regrets about the type of treatment that I received as a third classman. There is no question that a small number of upper classmen had some sadistic tendencies, but they were few in number. I addition, some of the cadet officers stopped them when they crossed the line. I always felt that the 'hazing' I received toughened me up and changed me from a teenager to a man. I chalked it up to 'life experience.' I have one son and five grandsons, ages 5 to 13. I would have no problem if they ever had to go through the type of training that I did. I am a better person today because of those years at NYSMA."

SAVE THIS EVENING - The Admiral's Cadet Scholarship Dinner Dance will be held Friday, 16 May, at Vander Clute Hall on campus, commencing at 7PM. Tickets are $100, tables for 10 are available. Even if you can't attend, you can support the scholarship fund. Full details at the college website

KEEP IN TOUCH - An item headlined "MSC Activates Ship Status Hotline" was posted in on 4 April. It reports that "Military Sealift Command is now providing a toll free number that will provide information regarding MSC and government owned or chartered ships. Concerned family members of mariners can now check on a ship's status and general location." (Dial 888-732-5438 and press 2.)

KEEP INFORMED - For up-to-date USN news visit 'Navy News Stand: The Source for Navy News' at This website contains news and features about the activities and defense operations of the United States Navy from Navy correspondents around the world, including those stationed on ships. It includes news and background information about the Iraqi conflict. News stories and photos by Marine Corps correspondents in Iraq may be found at (Cited in the 10 April "New This Week" issue of Librarians' Index to the Internet at