News From Fort Schuyler

November 22, 2002 - Volume 6, No. 33

TALKING HEAD- The Master of the TS EMPIRE STATE VI, CAPT RICHARD SMITH, Class of 1981, was interviewed by Ray Saurez on the 20 November edition of PBS News Hour in connection with the loss of the tanker, PRESTIGE, off the Spanish coast. Rick, who also serves as Chairman of the Marine Transportation Department, Commandant of Cadets, and crew coach, shared his expertise about the tanker industry with a nationwide audience. Prior to his return to Fort Schuyler, Rick sailed as Master of Saudi Petroleum Overseas tankers.

A SUNDAY WITH CLIVE - Best-selling author, CLIVE CUSSLER, returns to the Luce Library on Sunday, 01 December to kick off his newest book (which goes on sale in bookstores on 02 December.) Billed as: "A literary discussion with Clive Cussler, participants will have the rare opportunity to listen to Clive Cussler discuss his latest work, 'The Sea Hunters II.'" The book, which is subtitled, "More true adventures with famous shipwrecks," describes the most recent work of Cussler's National Underwater Marine Agency (NUMA). Go to: for full information about registration and book orders. The program will run from 5:00 - 7:00 at the Luce Library, located in Fort Schuyler.

BTW - Dr. Cussler (Doctor of Letters in Maritime History, SUNY Maritime College - 1997), gave the impetus for the first issue of what became "News from Fort Schuyler." On 9 September, 1997, the library sent an e-mail notice to alumni alerting them of possible television coverage relating to Mr. Cussler's underwater search for the John Holland submarine off Fort Schuyler. The rest is history.

SALUTE TO DOLORES- A well-attended sendoff was held to honor DOLORES SCIGLIO, who will be retiring from Fort Schuyler next month after twenty-four years. Dolores, who in recent years has been the Admiral's Secretary (succeeding PAT BLOSS) was her usual impeccable, gracious, unassuming, good-natured self. In addition to recognition by her campus colleagues, active and retired, she also received a warm tribute from the Women's Propeller Club. Enjoy retirement.

FAIRPLAY'S TAKE - The 24 October issue of the international maritime magazine, Fairplay, featured a photo of the TS EMPIRE STATE VI and commentary by FRANK DUFFY, Executive Vice President of the Maritime Industry Museum: "Like people who change their hair colour, ships are said often to take on a different personality when they make a major change in their livery. The TV EMPIRE STATE, the State University of New York's Maritime College training ship, emerged from its annual overhaul in September with its hull painted very dark blue, in so doing breaking the tradition of a white hull in peacetime and grey during war. The the sixth to carry the nickname of New York State. Many of the school's alumni do not look kindly on the new hull colour, and American fishermen consider a blue hull a bad omen....." Frank's aerial photo of our new blue ship in that Fairplay article is captioned: "Blue unlucky? Tell that to Maersk, MOL or HAL."

AMAZING FEAT - When a New York State's "Protecting Home and Family Project" was initially conceived as a campus project several years ago, it was to feature the construction of a disaster proof house from the ground up. A month or so ago, however, it was instead decided to retrofit what had been used for many years as the president's house (built by the Bridge and Tunnel Authority as part of the Throg's Neck Bridge project in the late 1950's) as the demonstration home for this project. So even though the structure will no longer feature new and better ways to build safer houses, it " being renovated with specialized materials and supplies. The home's design (sic) and construction are being used to establish the standards for new construction and retrofitting of residential and commercial building in natural hazard prone areas." Read all about it at the Maritime College website -

GIVING BACK - Here's an excellent suggestion from JOHN INGRAM, Class of 1964, regarding Naval Reserve pension increases generated by time aboard the training ship: "I suggest that you donate the first month's increase in your pension to the Naval Reserve Association and the second month's increase to the Maritime College Alumni Scholarship fund. It was NRA that advised me of the point credit for summer cruise and I sent [the information to NFFS] and the Alumni Association." (For full details on cruise credit see NFFS for 17 September and 24 May at the Alumni Association website - )

GREAT IMPROVEMENT - The college website finally is living up to its potential as a vital information medium. Check out all the various news items that have been appearing there on a regular basis, including the establishment of the New York Maritime College Sailing Foundation, the naming of RICHARD BRACKEN, Class of 1956, as the new foundation's Executive Director, and the Clive Cussler book event. It's all there in text and graphics at . A "Well done" to all who are involved in the web site's content and design.

FINAL ITEM - Happy Thanksgiving!