News From Fort Schuyler

May 16, 2002 - Volume 6, No. 17

HEAVY MEDAL - Three cheers for JANE B. FITZPATRICK, Associate Librarian and Head of Technical Services at the Luce Library. At the May 12 commencement exercises the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship, a certificate and medal, was conferred on her by Interim President ADM. JOHN CRAINE, JR. Jane was recognized for her sustained superlative performance as a librarian, her service to the campus, her scholarship, and her numerous professional achievements. A well deserved honor for one of the Luce Library's most innovative, involved and talented librarians.

CAPITOL OPPORTUNITY - Here's an opportunity to work for MARAD in its Washington, DC Office of Cargo Preference as a Trade Specialist. According to information forwarded to NFFS by ROD McFADDEN, Class of 1975, more information about this GS-1140-12/13 position is available at (announcement number DEU-2002-25 or MA-2002-25.) Act fast. The "drop dead" date is 28 May 2002.

LEGAL POINTS - Thanks to LEN SUTTER, Class of 1953, for his donation to the Luce Library of the latest COMPILATION OF MARITIME LAWS which the MARAD Office of General Counsel keeps up to date for the maritime public.

LEGAL PRESIDENT - The new president of MLA is RAY HAYDEN, Class of 1960. ED DANGLER, Class of 1949, a San Diego-based maritime lawyer, writes that "On May 3, while in NYC at the General Meeting of the Maritime Law Association of the United States, I added my vote to the election, by unanimous acclamation, of Ray Hayden, Managing Partner of Hill, Rivkins, Loesberg, O'Brian, Mulroy & Hayden -NYC, for the post of President of the Association. In addition, PHIL BERNS, Class of 1955, Attorney-in-Charge for the Department of Justice Admiralty Law Division - San Francisco, was likewise elected to the office of Membership Secretary. With 2 of the 5 national officers of this very prestigious organization, our school can take enormous pride in the recognition of these fine gentlemen by their maritime law peers. No other maritime school can meet that accomplishment." [Note: Ray also served with distinction as Chairman of the College Council of SUNY Maritime College for many years.]

GOT GEORGIA ON HIS MIND - A brief note from BOB LANG, Class of 1958: " I am on the last two days of a bike ride across America from Carlsbad, CA to Brunswick, GA and should be home on the 12th of May; we left on the 30th of March. I did a ride across America from Seattle, WA to Rehoboth Beach, DE in 1999." [NFFS is waiting to hear about the ups and downs and why and wherefores of this latest ride.]

CITIES SERVICE EMPIRE UPDATE - Several responses to the May 3 item, "Maritime Grave at Risk" have been copied to NFFS. ALVIN GOLDEN, Class of October 1946, who is the VP of the Eastern Dive Boat Association, pointed out that "..sincere divers were trying to deter such activities" and noted that "..if it were not for the recreational wreck diver, many of these shipwrecks would lie undiscovered and some surviving family members might never have closure. I, personally, took the daughter and grandson of the skipper of a destroyer that blew up outside of New York harbor during WWII to the site of the wreck so as to give them some closure. One of our divers presented them with a compass gimbal, which he took from the ship, which they now treasure." Noting that EDBA has established an underwater artifact exhibit at the Maritime Industry Museum of Fort Schuyler, Al suggests that they "look for some 'middle ground' and reach an agreement with the wreck diving community in your area, that the removal of artifacts is acceptable, if an attempt at public display will be made and as long as no disrespect or disturbance of gravesites or remains will be allowed to take place.

Another response came from a political hopeful, FRANCINE WENDELBOE, the wife of MATTHEW WENDLEBOE, Class of 1969, who read the story in the Schuyler e-newsletter. "I am currently a candidate for the United States Congress from New Hampshire and would be happy to take this on as an issue and sponsor legislation in the next Congress (first I have to win a very contested Republican primary and then the general election in November.)" In addition to bringing the story to the attention of the Granite State's current senators and congressmen, she writes that she "would be willing to do a press conference on the subject here in NH on National Maritime Day to highlight the issue."

MARITIME DAY EAST/WEST - The Hampton Roads Chapter will observe National Maritime Day with the Propeller Club and other maritime academy alumni at Norfolk's Town Point Park on Wednesday May 22nd. According to the Alumni Association chapter news (Click Here) the ceremony begins at 1130 with music by the US Navy Fleet Band, followed by a memorial ceremony at twelve noon. [RSVP by Friday to MIKE KUCHARSKI, Class of 1975 ( ) or RAY MATHEWSON, Class of 1970 (]

In San Diego, Maritime Day begins with a luncheon program on Friday 24 May featuring a keynote address by the former MARAD Administrator, VADM A.J.HERBERGER, USN (ret) and remarks by a leading maritime historian, Dr. RAY ASHLEY, Director of the San Diego Maritime Museum. According to ED DANGLER, Class of 1949: "Following the lunch, a parade of San Diego workboats will be viewed from the STAR OF INDIA, the oldest operational steel hulled sailing vessel afloat. CAPTAIN BILL BARTSCH, Class of 1983, San Diego Bay Pilot, will receive the memorial wreath and take it out to sea to commemorate the merchant mariners lost while defending our country. [Cost is $40 per person. Reservations should be made ASAP - telephone (619) 336 - 2220. As always, all Domers shall receive the first round of adult beverages courtesy of Ed Dangler, '49. Let's show the alumni of KP, Maine and Cal how true mariners support this event."]