News From Fort Schuyler

February 15, 2002 - Volume 6, No. 6

FORT SCHUYLER FORUM IS GOLDEN - The April 17, 2002 gathering of the Society of Marine Port Engineers of New York for the 50th Annual Fort Schuyler Forum will focus on "Port Engineer Skill Sets". The Forum has been held at SUNY Maritime College since 1952. Many Fort Schuyler graduates are active in SMPE including its Chairman, GEORGE SEIRMARCO, Class of 1968, 2nd Vice President, JOSEPH BREGLIA, Class of 1980, Sergeant at Arms, CHARLES HOETZL, Class of 1966, and Board Members JOSE FEMENIA, Class of 1964 and ERNY OTTERSPOOR, Class of 1974. Forum updates are at: .

FLAGGING FLEET - This item from the 30 January issue of the online 'Fairplay Daily News' was cited in the 'Industry Scuttlebutt' section of the SMPE website: "A CHAPTER of US liner history is closing as International Shipholding Corp seeks to dispose of its three US-flagged Lighter Aboard Ship (LASH) vessels, the last US-flagged ships owned by a US company ... Today all US-flagged liner ships belong to US companies such as Sea-Land, American President Lines and Lykes Lines, all of which have foreign owners."

MAKING BOOK - It is unusual for any current novel, especially a historical one, to receive renewed interest and publicity three years after its first publication, but it is happening to 'Queenmaker: A novel of King David's Queen.' The book, written by 1998 Ship's Librarian, JENNARA WENK (her nom de plume is India Edghill), originally published as a "virtual book" by Xlibris Press (NFFS 3/24/01) re-appeared this January in hardcover format under the St. Martin's Press imprint. A review in 'Booklist' says that: "Edghill's fresh take on David reveals a power-hungry man who cleverly uses looks, intellect, and oratory skills to move up in the ranks of Saul's army and then become king." There are numerous editorial and customer reviews about the book at as well as a two-page interview with the author. When does the movie come out ? [Thanks to Luce Library Associate Librarian, Jane B. Fitzpatrick, for this head's up.]

LITERARY SLEUTH - Those NFFS readers who followed the link to the online log maintained by CAPT RALPH HOLTHAUSEN, Class of 1937, may have noted that his son was seeking the name of the author of the poem which his late father quoted in a dedication to his old shipmates in his final log: "Some time at eve when the tide is low/I shall slip my moorings and sail away..." This literary mystery was solved within hours of the publication of last week's NFFS by CAPT ROD MCFADDEN, Class of 1975. He identified the author of the poem as Elizabeth Clark Hardy. The website was immediately updated with appropriate credits posted in red print. (Go to click on "Members Pages", use the search term 'Gracelog' and click on "Show all listings")

ABOUT THAT ANCHOR - Can anyone provide specifics about the large anchor that is on display up on Reinhart Field for all these years ?

FERRYRIDERS UNITE - Serendipity led NFFS to, the online address of the 'San Francisco Bay and New York Harbor Crossings' magazine. This monthly magazine just expanded its coverage to New York with the February 2002 issue. While its primary focus is on passenger ferry service, it also features articles of interest on cultural, environmental and maritime issues. It is generally well written and worth reading. Articles relating to post 9/11 New York include "New York Report: Returning and Rebuilding," and a Christopher Morley-esque piece, pipe smoke and all, entitled, "On South Street."

JOURNEY'S END - The college has marked the passing of a long-time member of the Maintenance Department, MORGAN LILLY, who died of a stroke at age 59 on February 3, 2002. Mr. Lilly worked as a Maintenance Assistant at the dorms beginning in 1964, with time out for military service. He is survived by his wife, Annie (who also works at the college), a six year-old daughter, Sylvia, and older children from a first marriage. His funeral was held on February 8. [Thanks to Dr. Karen Markoe, Humanities Department Chairperson and Rachel Remenyi, Secretary for the Maintenance Department, for this information.]