News From Fort Schuyler

March 12, 2001 - Volume 5, No. 09

AH, YOUTH - There is a treat in store for all those NFFS readers who still subscribe to "Seventeen" magazine. The April issue contains a fashion spread ("Draft Picks") that was photographed here at the Fort Schuyler on a snowy Friday earlier this winter. Backgrounds on pages 166-173, for those with sharp eyes, include TS EMPIRE STATE VI, the Maritime Industry Museum and the Luce Library. Available at many local libraries.

ANDREA DORIA ARTIFACTS - A framed selection of actual currency salvaged from the ill-fated flagship of the Italian Line, ANDREA DORIA, has been donated to the Luce Library by the Kellog Joslyn Trust. Currency in the Luce Library's artifact include an Italian 1,000 lire note, a U.S. one dollar bill, and an American Express traveler's check for $10.00. According to the Trust's, Salle Johnson: "The S.S. ANDREA DORIA sank on Thursday, July 26, 1956. For more than a quarter of a century her bounty lay undiscovered at the bottom of the ocean floor. In 1981 the 'Doria Project', an expedition led by Peter Gimbel and Elga Andersen, recovered ..the first class bank safe that went down when the ANDREA DORIA sank." The ship stills lies in 240 feet of water fifty miles south of Nantucket. The donation includes an extensive Certificate of Authenticity which tells the whole story from the sinking to the final preservation of the recovered artifacts. The artifact will be placed on exhibit at the Luce Library in April. Also visit

RESTORING NEW JERSEY - Perhaps this note from JOHN McLEAN, Class of 1965, will generate some reverse tunnel and bridge traffic to the Garden State: "I have spent a few days in the recent weeks doing something that would be of interest to other alumni, and that is doing volunteer labor on the restoration of the battleship NEW JERSEY at its temporary berth in Camden. The target date for its being open to the public is this September. In there meantime, there is much to be done. We are presently winding up refurbishment of the interior spaces that will be accessible as part of the tour. As the weather warms, we will be moving outside. Anticipate plenty of opportunities for revisiting those core activities learned so well during my years at Throggs Neck Tech - yes, I mean chipping, scraping, sanding, priming, and painting. The volunteers tend to be of the 'Senior Citizen' variety, but from varied backgrounds, by no means ex-military at all. And the ship - although 60 years young and out of service for 10 years - remains truly awesome. I feel privileged in being able to participate. Who knows, maybe Jerry PaintLocker will return from his TSES IV days of giving out brushes and scrapers once we move outside. Others who are interested can call (856) 966 - 1652." You can also visit the NEW JERSEY at:

NEED WORDS FROM ALUMNI - The Heritage Wall Committee wants to make its 10th and final panel the best. According to ALVIN GOLDEN, Class of October 1946: "It will completely focus on 'The Regiment.' We want the ... panel to not only include pictures of the regiments, past and present, but to include YOUR THOUGHTS AND REMEMBRANCES of what the regiment means or meant to you during your years at Fort Schuyler." Even if you only came to appreciate lessons and skills learned in the regiment in the years after leaving the fort, I am sure that Al would appreciate your comments. He asks that all responses be sent to him by postal mail (not e-mail): Alvin Golden, 429 Atlantic Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520.

EBB TIDE - KEITH E. FRUTIGER, Class of January 1944, died on March 5, 2001 according to information provided by classmates FRANK JACOBELLI, STAN LLOYD, and IAN McCUNN. Stan wrote: "Many of us know that Captain Frutiger sailed for Exxon his entire career, retiring after skippering Exxon's largest supertankers on the West Coast. More importantly, in his great appreciation for what NYSMA gave to him, he gave back as one of the largest donors to the Alumni Association and certainly the largest donor of January 1944. Although in poor health in later years, he made sure he and his family were present at our 50th Reunion in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where I last saw him." Frank added, "He was dedicated and his mission in life was to maintain the bond that NYSMA created for all of us. He was Captain Keith Frutiger to all of us and will remain so." Ian concluded with stanzas from Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Crossing the Bar: "Twilight and evening bell/ And after that the dark..... I hope to see my Pilot face to face/ When I have crost the bar."

And this from the Alumni Association website: "Sadly, AL DUNN, Class of 1970, passed away February 22, 2001. Al sailed for for several years after he graduated. Eventually he came ashore with Exxon and then transitioned to Ship Brokering. That's where he found his niche. Most recently he was with Odin Marine in Stamford, CT. Al was typical of what you'd expect from a Schuyler Grad - he was hard working, dependable, and accurate. Even under pressure he maintained his sense of humor."

"He contracted melanoma several years ago and battled it ever since. He never gave up. Again, typical Al. He is survived by his wife Mickey, and his 4 children - Heather, Miles, Tim, and Caroline. He was a good man, and a good friend. He will be missed. "