News From Fort Schuyler

December 13, 2000 - Volume 4, No. 38

TIME OF REMEMBRANCE - This note from Commandant of Cadets ROBERT J. WEAVER, Class of 1969, who is the Vice President for Vessel Operations & Student Affairs: "A ceremony was held in lieu of Friday Admiral's Inspection on Thursday, December 7. It included a presentation of Colors by the Color Guard, a playing of Armed Forces songs, a moment of silence for those killed at Pearl Harbor and the USS COLE, as well as POW's and MIA's. Admiral BROWN concluded with remarks appropriate to the occasion. And as always, the Bells of St. Mary's."

SIGNING OUT - The end of the Fall semester has signaled a number of staff departures. Some are retiring, others moving on to new jobs. Three long-time members of the Humanities Department retired: Professors IAN MAC NIVEN and SUSAN MAC NIVEN, who began teaching here in 1976, and ESTHER CARSTENSEN, Department Secretary since 1979. MARGIE HOERING, Secretary to the Commandant of Cadets after years as the Librarian's Secretary, also came to Maritime in 1979. Members of the staff who are going on to other endeavors include: TRISH SIMPSON (Admissions), BOB NITSCHKE (Business Office), SANDY HEBERT (Financial Aids) and PAT STIEMLE (Personnel.) Good luck to all. Thanks for all the years at Fort Schuyler.

SIGNING IN - Last week a chance encounter by an NFFS reader with GERALDO RIVERA resulted in a new subscriber. Geraldo, who would have graduated in 1965 had he stayed at Fort Schuyler, certainly went on to other endeavors in a big way. He has always kept one foot in water, however, with his extensive ocean sailing adventures. This honorary member of the Class of 1965 writes: "Thanks for putting me in the loop. My Schuyler memories are among the most important in my life. I met some great people there." Welcome aboard.

SIGNING UP - Our Graduate School of International Transportation Management has announced a bevy of courses for the Spring Semester which begins January 16. (Note: You do not need to be a full-time matriculated graduate student to take these courses.) Not only are there traditional semester-long weekday evening courses at the school's Manhattan location at 431 Canal Street (with 3 Saturday sessions at the Fort), but there is also a super-intensive new course, "Bunker and Aviation Fuel Markets," which runs from Friday to Sunday on two consecutive weekends during the mid-Spring break. In addition, the Graduate School has also announced its tentative summer program which again includes the "Shipboard operations for Shoreside Managers" course. This course, which takes place in May, is taught at sea aboard the EMPIRE STATE. To receive the full announcement of courses and registration information as a Word attachment, contact Graduate School Secretary, Pam Dettmer ( or NFFS (

THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' - Confirming OTTO LIEPIN's belief there was a requirement that naval reserve officers serve aboard U.S. subsidized ships (NFFS 4:37), ROD McFADDEN, Class of 1975, writes: "Officers aboard subsidized ships must be either USNR members or not physically qualified. That law is still on the books; however, it's becoming moot and has been difficult to enforce for almost two decades."

"USNR status used to be checked by Shipping Commissioners when a ship was signing articles. With the end of Shipping Commissioners, there is no one to check USNR status. Now, of course, with the old style subsidy going away, the requirement for USNR is going away too."

EMPIRE STATE GOING NORTH THEN SOUTH - According to the Mass Maritime website, TS EMPIRE STATE VI arrives at Buzzard's Bay on January 6 and departs a week later for Curacoa, Costa Rica, US Virgin Islands and New Orleans. She returns to Buzzards Bay on February 25. So keep an eye out for that big white ship on your Carribean cruise. BTW - The new MMA training ship, the CAPE BON (ex-VELMA LYKES) is due to enter service as a training ship in the winter of 2001.

LIBRARY HOURS CURTAILED DURING WINTER LEAVE PERIOD - The college will continue the practice of shutting down most offices during the winter break in order to save money on heat and salaries. The Luce Library Reading Room, therefore, will be closed from Saturday, December 16 through Monday, January 1.

SEASON'S GREETINGS - The many nice notes from NFFS readers are ample payment to the editor for this volunteer effort. It is always pleasing to read that: "I find the news very informative" - "Thanks for all your efforts in preparing the News. It keeps me in touch with the Maritime College," - "I have probably e-mailed you this message when you first started NFFS, but I want to do it again. Thanks for all the hard work you put in on the newsletter. I open every letter as soon as it arrives and read it from top to bottom. I almost always find a fascinating tidbit inside. Please keep it up." - "Just wanted to thank you again for the time and energy you devote to NFFS. It is appreciated...I wish you a joyful Holiday Season and the very best in 2001." Ditto.