News From Fort Schuyler

October 28, 2000 - Volume 4, No. 34

WHEN EVEN TWO ARE GATHERED - "A micro, mini-reunion of the Alumni Association was held last week in Monte Carlo on October 18 at the Metropole Palace Hotel during the Propeller Club meeting, " writes CAPT. ED DANGLER, Class of 1949. "Capt. ASSEM ELBENDARY" [1977 graduate of the Marine Transportation Graduate Program], a good friend of mine and member of the board of the Propeller Club, and I, were the only alumni attendees (next time we have a meeting of the Propeller Club, we will let [NFFS] know in advance so you can publicize it in case other Domers are in the area.) Captain Elbendary is founder and CEO of Seahorse International with offices in Monaco, Virginia and Egypt. The firm does marine surveying and fraud investigation for international insurance clubs, as well as arbitration in the Monaco court system."

REGIMENTAL MEMORIES - According to OTTO LIEPIN, Class of 1946, "The Regiment" will be the theme of the tenth, and final, history panel in Heritage Hall. He writes: "This panel should be brought together and coordinated by the present cadets. My classmates and I have produced the previous nine panels and this final panel, for and about the cadets, should be an accomplishment that they are involved in." That being said, alumni also are urged to send to the attention of the library archives, at the address below, whatever source material they can contribute to this project in the form of photographs, documents, and personal reminiscences about the regiment and regimental life.

TIS THE SEASON FOR CHANGE - According to the Plan of the Week for October 30 - November 05, "The change to the winter uniform will be effective Wednesday 01 November. The uniform of the day will be Undress Blue (CPO)." Then, too, there is tomorrow's adjustment to Standard Time.

CLASS OF 2022 UNDERWAY - Congratulations are due to CAPT Joseph Ahlstrom, Class of 1982, and his wife Carolyn on the birth of their daughter, Emma Katherine Ahlstrom, who arrived on Saturday October 21, measuring 20 inches and weighing 7.5 pounds.

BOUNCERS - E-mail address updates are needed for the following NFFS subscribers: Steve Alvarez 99 - Brenda Roderig 97 - Steve Feron 94 - Sean Memmen 92 - Lars Gustafson 91- Mark Muzii 88 - Tom Hurley and Bob Archambault 86 - John Guiheen and Dan McGuire 85 - Tim Farley 84 and John Carl 84 - Bob Landman 83 - Tony Murray 75 - Dave Callaghan 71. Please verify that the address you have is working before forwarding to:

CARTA PARTITA - Students at the college's Graduate School of International Transportation Management have announced plans to publish a journal, Carta Partita, commencing April 2001. According to a recently printed notice, "You may be aware that the Carta Partita was previously published as an informative newsletter. We are now planning to publish in a full-length journal format.....The Carta Partita welcomes articles and book reviews concerning all aspects of international and intermodal transportation. Although our emphasis is on significant current issues, historical, theoretical, and other materials are welcome. We will consider manuscripts on ALL aspects of international and intermodal transportation, including, but clearly not limited to: management, law economics, logistics, finance, policy, etc." Not only is this prospective publication soliciting articles and reviews, but it also invites current graduate students to join the staff of the journal. You may obtain further information on Carta Partita by contacting the Associate Editor, Capt. S.P.JAYWANT, at

For those of us who are not Latin scholars, a check with the Tulane University's online admiralty and maritime law brochure provides the information that: "One specialty within maritime law is the area known as 'charter parties.' Despite the name, this has nothing to do with a group of friends taking a fishing boat out on the Gulf. The term is in fact derived from an instrument with some similarities to a lease, and known originally as "carta partita," referring to the fact that it was a two-part document which was literally torn in half so that each party to the instrument would have a copy."

ALT-CTRL-DEL - Time to own up to recent errors and omissions. Several readers noted that ROY SOLURI's graduation year was wrong in issue 4:33. For example, MIKE QUINTO, Class of 1964 wrote:"Not a big deal, but ROY SOLURI was Class of 1962. He was one of our IDO's and a nice guy." While on the subject of Roy, an email from Roy himself brings the news from NIMA that "...we have changed the name of our organization from Marine Navigation Department to Maritime Safety Information Center." NFFS 4:31 neglected to mention that PETER VECCHIO, Class of 1992, the creator of the new college motto, is also Assistant Professor of Navigation in the Marine Transportation Department and coaches the college swimming team.