News From Fort Schuyler

March 27, 1998 - Volume 2, No. 15B

ALUMNUS APPOINTED TO LEAD COLLEGE COUNCIL - Governor Pataki has appointed DONALD P BRENNAN, Class of 1961, as the Chairman of the College Council, succeeding RAYMOND HAYDEN, Class of 1960, whose term had expired. Mr. Brennan is Advisory Director of Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter and retired Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley Capital Partners. (Source: Memo to the College Community from President David C. Brown- 3/20/98)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT THIS SATURDAY - Although literary conferences often deal with the "classics" a scan of the program for the "Literature of the Sea" also shows papers on very recent works, i.e., "Narrative at Sea: Reporting the Unreportable in Sebastian Junger's The Perfect Storm," and technical concerns, "The intrigue of Longitude: Technology and Literature." The conference, organized by the Humanities Department is free to alumni.

FOOD FOR STOMACHS - The Naval Science Department is sponsoring a campus FOOD DRIVE from March 30 to April 3 in cooperation with the Fordham University NROTC. Canned and nonperishable food, as well as small monetary donations, will be accepted. Is this the first food drive ever held at the Maritime College? Seems like a good idea for the Easter/Passover season.

BEFORE CREW THERE WERE LIFEBOAT RACES! - The report by TIM PETERS, Class of 1994, generated a number of responses. ROBERT J. CARTY, Class of 1964, wrote: "I got involved with the old lifeboat racing crew when I was a mug, and participated for all four years. There used to be an annual international lifeboat race over in Brooklyn in the Narrows, before the Verrazano bridge was completed. We raced the other Maritime schools every year, and we tried to get races in Europe on the cruises. A real highlight was when we beat the Danish Navy team in Copenhagen in 1961. The only opportunity we ever got to race in a shell was in 1963 when we raced the Norwegian Rowing Club team in Oslo. We rowed a 4 man shell and lost, of course. Fond memories. I wish we had the funds to get some shells back in those days."

THAT EXTRA EDITION - The response was positive to the "Crew Team News" update that your editor posted for TIM PETERS. Let me know if you prefer to receive only the basic "News from Fort Schuyler." I will adjust your mail profile accordingly.

NOW PLAYING IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? - Here are some upcoming "away" dates for Maritime athletic teams. Baseball@KP (3/31-1530); Lacrosse@Scranton (3/31-1600); Lacrosse@Vassar(4/4-1300); Varsity Sailing/Boston Dingy Cup@Harvard (April 4-5); Varsity Sailing/Arrigan Memorial@Georgetown (April 4-5)