Carolinas Chapter Fall Meeting / Chatanooga Oct. 17


September Update

Members of the East Asian Chapter of NY Maritime College


Its been another month! This is the usual posting, just to say hello and keep the roster accurate. As usual, the first order of business is –

  • Does anybody know anybody that should be on the roster, or wants to be on the roster?
  • Does anybody have information regarding a listed member who has moved away?
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Happy 4th of July

To the members of the East Asian Chapter of NY Maritime College –

As I told you a few months ago, I’d like to make a monthly posting just to say hello and keep the roster accurate.

Please check your connectivity and confirm that you have access to the site & roster. There were some issues a few months ago, but I believe that this has been corrected.

Does anyone have any interesting news to share? W...


Photo Albums Posted

A bunch of photo albums have been posted on the site for things like each Training Ship, The Fort, The Regiment, The Campus, and a few others.  The photographs came primarily from people on DomeNet and from some Google searches I did.  Many thanks to those who sent pictures and I apologize that I was not able to credit all of you.  You may comment on individual pictures and 'Like' them.


You can access Photo Albums from the Networking menu or from your personal home page after logging in.  Links to featured Photo Albums are also available on the rig...


DomeNet Posts Now Being Archived


For many years, people have asked if posts to the DomeNet email list could be stored somewhere so that old posts could be viewed, searched, etc.  Well, it took quite a while but this is now being done.

I was unable to go back and archive historical posts but at least starting sometime in November 2013 posts have been captured and archived on this site.

To access the DomeNet archive, click the Network option in the horizontal menu at the top of any page. Then click the DomeNet Group option in the sub-menu.  Finally, click the DomeNet Archive link at t...